Class MarginalCost

  • public class MarginalCost
    extends de.dlr.gitlab.fame.communication.message.DataItem
    Data covering supply marginal cost, typically generated by a PowerPlantOperator
    • Field Detail

      • powerPotentialInMW

        public final double powerPotentialInMW
        the power potential, i.e. the power that could be produced
      • marginalCostInEURperMWH

        public final double marginalCostInEURperMWH
        the actual marginal cost value
      • powerPotentialWithErrorsInMW

        public final double powerPotentialWithErrorsInMW
        power potential with errors - due to power forecast errors
      • producerUuid

        public final long producerUuid
        the unique Id of the producer
      • deliveryTime

        public final de.dlr.gitlab.fame.time.TimeStamp deliveryTime
        the begin of the delivery interval
    • Constructor Detail

      • MarginalCost

        public MarginalCost​(long producerUuid,
                            double powerPotentialInMW,
                            double marginalCostInEURperMWH,
                            de.dlr.gitlab.fame.time.TimeStamp deliveryTime)
        Constructs a new MarginalCost; powerPotentialWithErrors := powerPotential
        producerUuid - the unique id of the power generation agent
        powerPotentialInMW - the true power that the associated generation unit could produce in perfect foresight
        marginalCostInEURperMWH - the true marginal cost for producing the offered energy in EUR per MWh
        deliveryTime - the starting time at which the associated energy is to be delivered
      • MarginalCost

        public MarginalCost​(MarginalCost original,
                            double powerPotentialWithErrorsInMW)
        Construct copy of given MarginalCost with extra powerPotentialWithErrors
        original - to copy values from
        powerPotentialWithErrorsInMW - to replace any previous value
      • MarginalCost

        public MarginalCost​(de.dlr.gitlab.fame.protobuf.Agent.ProtoDataItem proto)
        Mandatory for deserialisation of DataItems
        proto - protobuf representation
    • Method Detail

      • fillDataFields

        protected void fillDataFields​(de.dlr.gitlab.fame.protobuf.Agent.ProtoDataItem.Builder builder)
        Specified by:
        fillDataFields in class de.dlr.gitlab.fame.communication.message.DataItem