Class PowerForecastError

  • public class PowerForecastError
    extends Object
    Calculates power values with errors following a normal distribution for power forecasting
    Johannes Kochems, Christoph Schimeczek
    • Field Detail

      • parameters

        public static final de.dlr.gitlab.fame.agent.input.Tree parameters
        Specific inputs to parameterise PowerForecastError modelling
    • Constructor Detail

      • PowerForecastError

        public PowerForecastError​(de.dlr.gitlab.fame.agent.input.ParameterData input,
                                  Random random)
                           throws de.dlr.gitlab.fame.agent.input.ParameterData.MissingDataException
        input - parameter group according to parameters
        random - random number generator - use FAME's RNG creation function to ensure reproducibility on identical seeds
        de.dlr.gitlab.fame.agent.input.ParameterData.MissingDataException - if any required data is not provided
    • Method Detail

      • calcPowerWithError

        public double calcPowerWithError​(double powerWithoutError)
        Calculates a power forecast with errors following a normal distribution
        powerWithoutError - perfect foresight power forecast
        given power multiplied with a randomly generated forecast error factor