Class PowerPlantPrototype.PrototypeData

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class PowerPlantPrototype.PrototypeData
    extends Object
    Technical specification template for a group conventional power plants
    • Field Detail

      • specificCo2EmissionsInTonsPerThermalMWH

        public double specificCo2EmissionsInTonsPerThermalMWH
        Specific CO2 emissions in tons per use of 1 thermal MWh of fuel
      • unplannedAvailabilityFactor

        public double unplannedAvailabilityFactor
        Permanently applied average availability reduction factor
      • cyclingCostInEURperMW

        public double cyclingCostInEURperMW
        Cost for one ramping cycle
      • tsAvailability

        public tsAvailability
        Time-dependent availability factor
      • tsVariableCosts

        public tsVariableCosts
        Time-dependent variable costs per MWh of produced electricity
    • Constructor Detail

      • PrototypeData

        public PrototypeData​(de.dlr.gitlab.fame.agent.input.ParameterData data)
                      throws de.dlr.gitlab.fame.agent.input.ParameterData.MissingDataException
        data - input parameters of group PowerPlantPrototype.parameters
        de.dlr.gitlab.fame.agent.input.ParameterData.MissingDataException - if any required parameter is not specified